Atticus Drugh, Seneschal


Seneschal Atticus Drugh
Carry the Emperor’s Will As Your Torch. With It, Destroy The Shadows.

WS: 29 BS: 39 S: 42 T: 31 Agi: 40 Int: 43 Per: 39 Will: 44 Fel: 44

Seneschal: Commerce, Scrutiny or Trade (Linguist), Weapon Training (Las, SP or Low Tech), Social, Knowledge
Devotion (Loyalty): Peer (My ship), Finesse

Ship Lorn: Jaded

Duty to Dynasty: Peer (Rogue Trader family), Enemy (Rogue Trader Family), Hatred (Rogue Trader Family), Scholastic Lore (Imperial Warrants), +1 Profit Factor

Contaminated Environs: Peer (Mutants)

Battlefleet: Willpower, +Fellowship, -Toughness, 10 Wounds, 2 (2) Fate, Officer on Deck: +5 Command on a ship, +30 to checks made to move in Zero-G

Mutation: It Will Not Die: Survive death, gain 1d10+5 Corruption points
Fellowship, Awareness, Toughness, Intelligence, Ballistic Skill

Corruption: 7


Description: Gnarled and twisted features, long simian-like arms, short stumpy legs, dressed in finely tailored suits and jewelry, fitted an elaborate bionic eye and lower left jaw implant, stocky and barrel chested.

Background: Born to a single mother, an Imperial Navy Rating of the lowest rank, Atticus was conceived during a truly terrible Warp storm. He emerged from the womb obviously mutated, twisted and misshapen. His mother, crewmen, and superior officers despised him, and he was allowed to live past infancy only due to the fact that his father was a high ranking officer, though the man never officially acknowledged Atticus as his child. Growing up among the low-born children of Navy ratings, Atticus was consistently shunned, beaten, and mocked throughout childhood. As he grew, his legs atrophied, but his arms became thick and powerful, providing his primary form of ambulation. He could climb through areas of the ship no other sailor could reach, moving quickly and with agility to access critical systems. Few taskmasters put Atticus’ skills to work, distrusting the mutant boy. Atticus usually used his odd mobility to escape his tormentors, and hide in the bowels of the ship.

The Navy dumped Atticus at the first possible opportunity, on Port Wander. He survived here by eking out a meager existence as a scavenger, taking jobs with reluctant captains when he could. Though his technical skills and overall sailing aptitude were high, no captain would keep him on permanently. A chance encounter with Ork pirates left Atticus the sole survivor of the transport vessel Favorable Omen. Here, Lord Bastian found him.

Bastian immediately recognized the fierce pride in Atticus, and offered him a permanent position aboard his flagship. Atticus devoted himself entirely to his new Lord. He scrubbed decks, cleaned guns, and performed dangerous void maintenance rites with dedication and tenacity. His fellows still sneered at him, but he worked harder than anyone else. Lord Bastian recognized his devotion, and promoted Atticus to junior Seneschal (initially, to humiliate and punish his failing team of seneschals, but Atticus quickly proved to be worth more than just a stinging rebuke.) Atticus’ devotion redoubled on his promotion, and he became a force to be reckoned with on the ship. Atticus seemed to smell dissent, poor morale, and slapshod work, and punished those who felt short of his Lord’s expectations. Due to his size and stature, Atticus could worm his way into spaces that allowed him to eavesdrop and observe the crew, though many attributed his observational powers to some kind of witchcraft. Atticus soon quelled a major crew uprising, and three attempts to oust Lord Bastian from power. Atticus spilled his own blood in defense of his lord on many occasions. In recognition of his devotion, Lord Bastian elevated Atticus to serve as his personal Seneshal, casting his former seneschal out an airlock for the man’s involvement in a coup attempt.

Atticus served Bastian loyally and ably until the man’s death, and has since watched the decline of House Casmirre, though he fights against that decline every day. He now serves the young Lord Torian with fierce loyalty. He sees himself and the young lord as kindred spirits, both afflicted by strange curses, both living in the shadow of the boy’s great uncle. Atticus will fight to his dying day to protect young Torian, and restore House Casmirre, the only people who ever gave him a chance, to glory.

He owes Lord Bastian, after all. Lord Bastian found him on that dead hulk of a transport ship. Lord Bastian pulled Atticus’ lifeless body onto his own ship, to give him a proper burial, a right decent and faithful thing to do. Lord Bastian didn’t strike him down, when Atticus’ dead body suddenly jerked back to life, sucking in lungfuls of air, screaming about the things he’d seen in the void. Lord Bastian nursed Atticus back to full health. Lord Bastian didn’t question what brought Atticus back from the void, but gave him a job and a new home. Lesser men might have cast Atticus back into the void that spat him back out. But Lord Bastian was wise enough to know that if the void can’t kill a man, even if he’s a mutant, he’s worth taking into your service.

Atticus Drugh, Seneschal

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