Aun Kur'een


Aun’Vre Fi’rios Kur’een (Ethereal Kur’een)


Aun Kur’een leads the Tau Far Path exploration fleet, an ambitious project to utilize a warp storm for increased travel speed and range. The experiment was a failure, the fleet became hopelessly unable to navigate and the measures taken to defend against the rage of the warp showed to be “inadequate”. The Far Path fleet was left stranded on the far side of the galaxy with over half its’ number lost to the warp. The experimental systems that brought them to their destination were severally damaged, and already proven extremely hazardous to travel with.
Aun Kur’een has been forced to raid for supplies and forge alliances with whoever he can.

  • Do they have a nickname?

His Lordship (for none Tau)

  • How old are they?


  • What do they look like? (Hair, eyes, build, skin, etc)

Tall for a Tau, and generally frail looking. His posture is generally overly informal
and a smirk comes to his lips far too easily. The intensity of his eyes surprises
many people.

  • What do they typically wear?

Ceremonial robes of the ethereal cast. Well maintained and often close to pure white.

  • Do they have any distinguishing features?

A knowing smirk, like he’s the only one that gets the joke.

  • How would they describe themselves?

A kind father figure combined with your best friend. He really knows what’s best for you.

  • How would they describe their history?

He was a rising bright star back in Tau space, and now he languishes in a far off land due to the failures of others.

  • Does your character have friends or family? If so, who and where? Who were they closest to?

An inner circle of advisors and henchmen.

  • Where was your character born? Where have they lived since?

Fi’rios, a third ring of expansion sept world. Now he is isolated on the exploration fleet Far Path.

  • Do they have a secret?

He finds advice and guidance in unexpected places.

  • What is their most important possession?

His flag ship

  • What do they want to attain?

Power and wealth!

  • Have they ever been in love?

Only with himself

  • What do they hate most?

When they are defied with impunity

  • What’re they afraid of most?

Loosing contact with his closest friend.

  • Are they devout followers of the creed?

“For the Greater Me”

  • Do they have a favorite weapon? Why is it their favorite?

The might of those under his command. Why have such power if you can’t enjoy
it’s use?

  • What has been the biggest loss they’ve experienced?

Being cast across the galaxy from his homeland, and the decimation of his command.

  • Favorite / Least favorite foods?

Favourite: Red meat (eats it in seclusion)
Least favourite: Vegetables (lightly picks at them when forced to infront of company)

  • What kinds of things do they never leave home without?

His body guards

  • What do they do in their free time?

Enjoy the luxuries he has managed to “procure” in this distant realm of space, as
well as planning future “procurements”

  • What’s one memory that’s stuck with them?

The hope and pride he felt just before the Far Path Exploration fleet took it’s fateful leap into the unknown, what a fool he was.

Aun Kur'een

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