Stryxis merchant, hotel chain operator, cold trader, business biped extraordinaire


“Greeting, honoured biped. Do my wares interest you? I have many, they are the best wares. Many bipeds express great love for them.”

“Our hair? Of course it is real, stupid biped. Why would we steal hair from a filthy biped like you? Our hair is the best, we have no need for… your… luscious, full…”

“This joy will be yours biped, oh yes, but there is one more thing. You must tell us. What do you think of these hands? They are long, are they not? The best hands…”

In-game activity:

D’neld is currently active near Hypithia, remaining in the shadows of his hired merchant squadron. In his current entourage is the charter captain Seppo Nurmi. Nurmi was once a proud captain of a cobra gunship squadron, who upon retirement struck out on his own with his substantial savings to ply the trade routes of the Koronus expanse. The years since then have not been kind to Nurmi, however, and he has fallen on hard times. Several bad deals and unfortunate accidents have left him deeply indebted, and his faithful Jericho is on her last legs as he simply has not been able to repair her as fast as she has accumulated damage. Sensing this desperation, D’neld offered Nurmi a chance to not only turn a profit, but help the hapless people of Hypithia by bringing them much needed supplies. At first he was thrilled to have his cake and eat it too, but his doubts about D’neld have begun to mount with every furious quartermaster aboard the station ranting about price gouging, poisonous steaks, and theft. However, the throne gelt regularly appearing on his desk has assuaged those particular issues for the time being. Of greater concern to him are the crates of weaponry with cargo manifests bearing his ship’s name that always seem to find their way into his hold for each of their trade journeys to Hypithia. He has noticed these crates always disappear upon their arrival, but he has never seen them in the loading bays of the station above Hypithia. Adding to his paranoia is the fact that his ship leaves Hypithia with her holds full of covered crates and when he politely asks as to their contents he has received nothing but insults and the occasional bite. While he is desperate, Nurmi is not a complete fool and awaits the moment that D’neld’s and their second associate, an Illimac mercenary captain and his pair of raider frigates, drop their guard long enough for him to vent the hired hands and escape. Preferably with a full purse and cargo hold.

  • Do they have a nickname? The D’neld brand is central to his success and as such he uses any and all means at his disposal to prevent the proliferation of any nicknames.
  • How old are they? He has claimed to be anywhere between 21 and 210 standard Terran years old. His age often seems dependant on the local society’s level of respect for their youth and elders.
  • What do they look like? (Hair, eyes, build, skin, etc) Like most others of his species, he resembles a human-sized, skinned dog embryo, with gangling stature and bony talons on the digits of their limbs. Unlike other members of his species, however, D’neld cultivates a bright orange mop of hair-like strands on his head. Some have claimed that they have seen it move, and even heard a growl when they reached out towards it.
  • What do they typically wear? The finest beggars robes adorned with a few glowing soul stones, hundreds of coins from dozens of currencies and pinned with numerous IOUs and deeds as one would a purity seal. He also wears several large rings on each finger, some of them digi weapons, but mostly to accentuate their length. And his personal force field, plus a backup if he’s feeling especially professional.
  • Do they have any distinguishing features? An unusually pleasant aroma seems to follow him around, like a newborn, freshly washed with lavender scented soap.
  • How would they describe themselves? The finest business biped this side of the Koronus expanse. Honest in all his dealings, always willing abandon an old contract to make a better, more profitable one, clever enough to know an opportunity lurks behind every disaster.
  • How would they describe their history? He’s a self made stryxis and took the previous unnamed owner’s holdings of 3 hotel chains, 4 trade fleets, a cold trade brokerage, and 2 mercenary companies and turned it into to 4 hotel chains, 4.5 trade fleets, a cold trade brokerage, 1 mercenary companies, a travelling pit fighter “academy” and a Gelatilope steak distributor.
  • Does your character have friends or family? If so, who and where? Who were they closest to? All his business partners are his friends. Until they are no longer profitable. The closest thing he has to a friend is the current “face” of his operation, in that he has unwittingly grown to trust and rely on her. He would refute that, however, claiming that allowing her to take some of his responsibilities is just good delegation.
  • Where was your character born? Where have they lived since? He has seen the sector and beyond in his travels and has been born in the vicinity of a hundred different potential business partners.
  • Do they have a secret? Many, secrets are the only currency every species understands.
  • What is their most important possession? Do you think D’neld is a fool? Such important information will cost you dearly.
  • What do they want to attain? Secrets, wealth, and soul stones. All to keep his bed warm at night.
  • Have they ever been in love? If secrets, lies, and money could love, there would be epic tales written of their passion.
  • What do they hate most? A swindler that’s both more clever than D’neld and still breathing.
  • What’re they afraid of most? So many things, it is difficult to pick just one. Most would likely be jilted ex-business partners, but one that stands out would be a merchant he betrayed that he later learned was a front for Mr. Web. Since then he has taken many extra precautions, including the use of a “face” for the vast majority of his business dealings. There is a very high turnover rate for this particular position in his organization, and so the individual representing his company rarely remains the same. His current “face” has also been his longest serving and most successful, a soft spoken, keen eyed woman who once worked for the administratum. D’neld has been so happy with her performance, in fact, he has even taken steps to ensure her safety, going as far as allowing her to hire her own “face” in case she ever finds herself the target of one of D’neld’s antagonists.
  • Are they devout followers of the creed? Of course, D’neld loves the corpse God! Unless of course this biped prays for its destruction…. Down with the silly corpse God!
  • Do they have a favorite weapon? Why is it their favorite? Neurolash and disintegrator. First has a dual purpose, second is great for cleaning up. D’neld is nothing if not practical.
  • What has been the biggest loss they’ve experienced? The security of living with his old Stryxis caravan. Though he now truly believes that his success is thanks to his banishment from his old group, he often misses being in the company of his own kind.
  • Favorite / Least favorite foods? Gelatilope steaks. They are nutritious, cheap, and delicious. Try one now, you say? Well, this one would love to, but he just ate, you see. And became a vegan last week. This one hears that it is good for the hair and skin complexion.
  • What kinds of things do they never leave home without? A body double (actually a Scintillian actor with similar hair), his hair, and a kit containing tranquilizers and manacles. You never know when the perfect business partner, pit fighting specimen, or disgruntled ex-associate will cross your path.
  • What do they do in their free time? Watch his pit fighters in action, though he never bets unless he has worked out an agreement beforehand.
  • What’s one memory that’s stuck with them? The moment he realized that he had been swindled after making his very first business deal.
Hazeroth-class Privateer Vagabond-class Trader
Species: Human Species: Human
Ship Type: Hazeroth-class Privateer Ship Type: Vagabond-class Trader
Ship Class: Raider Ship Class: Transport
Power: 35 / 45 Power: 34 / 40
Space: 31 / 35 Space: 32 / 40
Essential Components: Essential Components:
• Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive • Strelov 1 Warp Engine
• Strelov 1 Warp Engine • Geller Field
• Geller Field • Single Void Shield Array
• Single Void Shield Array • Voidsmen Quarters
• Command Bridge • Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive
• M-1.r Life Sustainer • Combat Bridge
• Pressed-crew Quarters • M-1.r Life Sustainer
• Mark-201.b Auger Array • Mark-201.b Auger Array
Supplemental Components: None Supplemental Components:
Weapon Components: • Main Cargo Hold
• Prow: Starbreaker Lance Weapon Weapon Components:
• Dorsal: Thunderstrike Macrocannons • Prow: Mars Pattern Macrocannons
• Dorsal: Thunderstrike Macrocannons


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