Fraçois Lafleur

Ex-Navy Pirate admiral


Denounced by the imperium as a consorter with ruinous powers, a pirate, a slaver, a tyrant, a deviant, an adulterer, an addict, a debauchee, a smuggler, a glutton, a torturer, and a murderer among other epithets, François proudly bears them all.

Admiral of the Inexorable Vengeance pirate fleet and leads from the bridge of his flagship, the Minotaur.

  • Do they have a nickname? Lord, or Master, or Admiral by his peers. Only those from beyond may refer to him by his name.
  • How old are they? 42
  • What do they look like? (Hair, eyes, build, skin, etc) Pale skin with flushed cheeks, acid green eyes, long brown curling hair, normally tied back under his hat. Stands 6"4 with a long, thin build.
  • What do they typically wear? A uniform reminiscent of a naval officer’s from afar, but woven of the finest silks and precious metal threads, inlaid with rare gems and embedded with reinforced ceramite plates and a personal force field.
  • Do they have any distinguishing features? An unnervingly fluid gait, a piercing stare, a strangely musical laugh, and an ever present placid smile.
  • How would they describe themselves? The finest officer the navy drove away.
  • How would they describe their history? Living proof that all one needs to build an empire is their own wits, desire, and a good nemesis.
  • Does your character have friends or family? If so, who and where? Who were they closest to? He misses his sister dearly. If he ever finds her, he will ensure she dies quickly, so she need not witness what befalls her beloved Canard. The only person he trusts is his priest, who has been with him since his navy days. A man of the cloth who follows someone so debauched as Francois must either be a fool, or truly worse than he. In either case, the type of man that Francois doen’t mind by his side.
  • Where was your character born? Where have they lived since?
  • Do they have a secret?
  • What is their most important possession?
  • What do they want to attain?
  • Have they ever been in love? Vengeance is his only mistress, and she is insatiable.
  • What do they hate most?
  • What’re they afraid of most?
  • Are they devout followers of the creed? Hon hon hon honnnn.
  • Do they have a favorite weapon? Why is it their favorite? Brace of best quality plasma pistols, outfitted with lathe forged melee attachments. When life is at stake, one does not settle for less than the best.
  • What has been the biggest loss they’ve experienced? The theft of his first ship. As long as he does not have it, he will never be able to string his insufferable commander and his boot-lick of a crew across her bow.
  • Favorite / Least favorite foods? Shrieking berries, prepared in the juices of their brethren, garnished with the sap of their progenitors and served of the body of a reigning imperial consort brought low. Least favourite, corpsestarch in any and all forms.
  • What kinds of things do they never leave home without? His seer, his priest, his hat, his pistols, his teleport locator, and a sack of thrones.
  • What do they do in their free time? Contemplating all the different ways he will make his pig of a commander squeal once he has captured him. And Pepin, for whom he keeps a vat of tar and Spiney Mallard feathers, to dress him up as his namesake.
  • What’s one memory that’s stuck with them? Rallying his fleet to destroy a combined eldar and imperial force that had spent weeks tracking him through the expanse in a deft ambush and daring boarding action. And discovering that the shrieking berries he so enjoyed consuming were actually the young of a vast network of ancient telepathic trees.

Fraçois Lafleur

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