Lord Torian Vir Casmirre

The Young Lord Captain


Lord Torian Vir Casmirre

  • Do they have a nickname?
    Young Captain
  • How old are they?
    Apparently 14 or so, rumored to be much older. He’s glib on the topic.
  • What do they look like? (Hair, eyes, build, skin, etc)
    Small at 4’11", delicate, and wildly eccentric, his hair is naturally dark brown, but its styles and colors vary on the day. His wide eyes are similarly dark, often bespeckled with a fine colored mono-spex or glasses held at the end of a thin golden rod, (although his vision seems quite fine) and his slender hands flit about as he speaks, like birds fleeing from beneath layers of lace.
  • Do they have any distinguishing features?
    A mole on his right cheek and a high voice affected by an accent somewhere spinward of Krieg.
  • What do they typically wear when not in a formal/combat situation?
    He doesn’t dress to impress so much as he dresses how he likes, usually involving bows, silks, cowls, and dainty effects that seem like they might be more suited in a doll-house. A childlike reflection of his late, similarly eccentric uncle whom Torian admired very much.
  • Does your character have friends or family? If so, who and where? Who were they closest to?
    His late uncle, Lord Bastion was his last remaining direct relative. There may yet exist some distant cousins out there, but if so he’s yet to meet them and seems to have little interest in doing so. He appears to view his senior (and occasionally regular) crew as his family now, and displays an inordinate amount of trust in trying to befriend the occasional individual. However, his eccentricities, station, and some mild paranoia usually render this effort fruitless.
  • Do they have a secret?
    Presumably many.
  • What is their most important possession?
    The Nocturnus and his uncle’s beloved crew. Besides that, his Tuk-fleece slippers, a gift from his uncle.
  • What do they want to attain?
    A name for his family, in either fame or infamy. He’s lamented to his crew that if he is to be the last of his line, then the Casmirres shall not be reduced to a footnote, no matter the cost.
  • Have they ever been in love?
    Besides an apparent affection for sweets and Vanderville silk, no. He doesn’t even seem to really understand the concept.
  • What do they hate most?
    Spiders, but raiders, paperwork, and inspection points are close seconds.
  • Are they devout followers of the creed?
    Yes, in his own way. He laments often that he is not ‘a better’ imperial. His definition of ‘better’ is vague.
  • What has been the biggest loss they’ve experienced?
    His mother and father.
  • What’re they afraid of most?
    Spiders, but blood, the dark, and seeing people naked are close seconds.
  • Favorite / Least favorite foods?
    Chocolate, and a varied assortment of recipes from a tome dubiously labeled ‘Lieblings Krieg Delikatessen’, now hand-copied with various notes to adjust for modern imperial measurement and taste, whether or not it’s truly a relic of a more ancient Krieg is anyone’s guess. It belonged once to Lord Bastion, and his sire before him and so-on. While not as outlandish as most Rogue Trader fair, it is certainly no less decadent.

Dislikes green food.

  • What kinds of things do they never leave home without?
    His parasol, a packed lunch, and heavily armed bodyguards.
  • What do they do in their free time?
    Meticulous study, dance, and piano.
  • What’s one memory that’s stuck with them?
    His first view of The Nocturnus marooned on that strange alien world, and the words of his uncle once his breath had recovered to him: “Our legacy has returned to us.”



Lord Torian Vir Casmirre

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