Magos Quaru

Explorator Magos of Fleet SN 477, The Torch of Rhyza


His name had resided in the honoured cogitator banks of the dead for nearly a century after having been listed as missing for twice as long. The local administratum was understandably flummoxed, then, when they found that the ragged, raving mad tech priest pounding on the lord admiral’s gate shared the lost Magos’ name. The admiral’s guards shackled the screaming tech priest and dragged him away for interrogation and re-purposing, ignoring his cries that he had found “It”. Six months later, the priest emerged from the offices of the admiralty with freshly pressed robes, newly oiled augments, and a barely dry writ for an explorator vessel, a small Imperial navy detachment, and a mandate to find and retrieve what the Magos calls, “The Maker’s Breath.”

Little is know of Quaru, and what he did during his almost 3 century Sabbatical. In his nearly completely redacted file, a requisition form from an Inquisitor Xorn was found, demanding that the magos join his retinue is the only hint of what may lie in his past.

Magos Quaru

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