Zeke Gunner

Tarick Gunner's daughter - Strange Child


Zeke Gunner

  • Do they have a nickname?

Zeekie, Zeeker

  • How old are they?

Late 20s

  • What do they look like? (Hair, eyes, build, skin, etc)

Zeke’s more or less average height for an adult human woman, and leans slightly to the curvier side, though she works to keep her weight down to avoid impacting her flexibility. She has the dusky skin and long violet eyes of the Gunner clan, though her dark curls are sectioned and punctuated with blue and green dyed streaks.

  • What do they typically wear?

She tends to wear of a mish-mash of standard guard drab with sections and panels of cloth cut out and replaced with brightly patterned and coloured fabrics, and high-laced boots. Photovisor goggles sit high on her head, keeping her hair pushed back from her face and a series of necklaces strung with small charms and trinkets sit around her neck. She always has a satchel slung over one shoulder and a series of pouches on belts wound about her waist.

  • Do they have any distinguishing features?

Her brightly coloured hair and startlingly violet eyes are rather distinguishing.

  • How would they describe themselves?

“I… I don’t think I’m anything special. I just want to learn things and know more about… about everything I can…”

  • How would they describe their history?

“It was… I had a good home life. My family are… They’re okay I guess. I loved spending time with my Uncle Talon and cousins. It was… quiet. Lonely…”

  • Does your character have friends or family? If so, who and where? Who were they closest to?

The Gunner/Holt clan is numerous and varied. Zeke has at least eight siblings – possibly more, she lost count a while ago, and the family is prone to multiple births. Batu “Dumpling” Holt is her cousin, son of her beloved Uncle Talon. Of anyone, Zeke was possibly closest to her Uncle, failing that to her cousin Batu – mostly because Batu couldn’t stand to see her spending so much of her time alone, and made it his mission to “fix” his lonely cousin.

  • Where was your character born? Where have they lived since?

Zeke was born on the world of REDACTED, in her father Tarick’s Inquisitorial puppy mill. She has spent most of her life there, with occasional rare forays off-world.

  • Do they have a secret?


  • What is their most important possession?

A carved bone figure, vaguely humanoid shaped though slender and ageless seeming. It is smooth all over, though one side is polished to a shine from years of working it with her thumb as an anxiety focus.

  • What do they want to attain?

Knowledge. Understanding. She’s been shown hints of great secrets and she wants to gain the wisdom to be able to understand them.

And she wants to go back to her family. At least to her Uncle.

  • Have they ever been in love?

“Nobody would ever love me…”

  • What do they hate most?

Obstacles to learning what she wants to know. When she’s not able to understand something, or knowledge is deliberately kept from her.

  • What’re they afraid of most?

Losing the few people who actively care about her – her mother, her Uncle, her cousins, REDACTED.

  • Are they devout followers of the creed?

She sings the hymns and says the prayers, but those who pay close attention will realise that her mind wanders.

  • Do they have a favorite weapon? Why is it their favorite?

“I… I don’t like to fight…”

  • What has been the biggest loss they’ve experienced?

Being told she couldn’t help or even go in to talk to her Uncle because her very presence might cause his physical state to deteriorate and then being taken without even being able to say goodbye. Also the seeming disappearance of her older brother and sister.

  • Favorite / Least favorite foods?

“I really like fruit. Sometimes Ben brings me fruits from other places… I think it amuses him to see my reactions to them. He’s brought me some strange things. But I don’t really like red meat all that much…”

  • What kinds of things do they never leave home without?

Her dataslate and satchel, the array of fetishes, charms and bone carvings that she carries both on her necklace and in her pouches and bag.

  • What do they do in their free time?

“I like to read, practise my acrobatics. To sit and talk with my friend when he visits me. I’m always trying to learn more.”

  • What’s one memory that’s stuck with them?

The first time she travelled through the REDACTED.

Zeke Gunner

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