Zorgat Teefsmasha

'Umie Ork Kaptin


Zorgat Teefsmasha – Captain of the Ork Raider Datz Ourz. Not actually an Ork. Zorgat is a huge, brutish hulk of a man, who wears leather pants and boots and generally no shirt. His upper body is covered with Orky scars and tattoos that look like they’ve been carved into his skin with jagged bone and rubbed with ash or oil to leave marks.

Though quite softly spoken in human company, amongst his crew he seems to have a complete mastery of the physical and linguistic quirks of the Orkish language, he’s always happy to tell the story of how he beat an Ork Kaptin in hand-to-hand and won his ship by being “Da biggest an da ‘ardest”.

Zorgat is a general raider, mostly driven by the need to keep his krew happy by providing them with sufficient fightin’. He can be hired as an escort by any Captain who will confirm they’re going into a known conflict area but he will not take jobs where there’s no chance of krumpin’ some gitz.

Zorgat Teefsmasha

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