Altna (Feudal World)


  • Type
  • Gravity
  • Temperature:
    Diverse Temperate
  • Population: ~250 Million Humans
  • Scorch System
  • ? Sector
  • ? Sub Sector
  • Segmentum Obscurus
  • Visual Description:
    Altna is a very earth like planet, with a vast number of biomes. The planet is unmarred by large scale industrialization and looks quiet idyllic from space.
  • Major defining feature:
    Due to the extreme strength and frequency of Altna’s star’s solar flares, the planet is surrounded with a permanent aurora of stunning beauty. The very same solar flares prove extremely hazardous to advance technology, making it impossible for Altna to climb out of its medieval level of advancement. Even coming close enough to orbit Altna will test the shields of a ship greatly, threatening to leave it drifting and doomed.
  • Assets:
    The planet and its natural resources are essentially virgin and bountiful. The populace is well used to hardship and well versed in war.
  • Troubles:
    War is a constant for the people of Altna. The petty kingdoms of humanity not only war with each other, but against the Orcs, Elves and other horrors that contest humanities existence on this world.
    Long isolated from the Imperium, the human natives have lost their way, and only a few greatly diverged interpretations of the Imperial Creed remain. Chaos cults flourish in several petty kingdoms, polluting the land and its people.

Major Cities

  • Dornth (Capital of the Kingdom of Rathic)
    A mighty fortress city built upon a rivers island, the people of Dornth worship a faith derived from the Imperial Creed. Long standing alliances with neighbouring kingdoms allow the people to live in relative peace and extend aid to farther away lands in mighty crusades.
  • Mah-Kath (The city of sorcerers)
    Perhaps the largest city of Altna, Mah-Kath straddles the banks and many islands of a mighty rivers estuary. A city state ruled by powerful sorcerers, each claiming a city ward as their own personal fiefdom. Magic and Chaos is common here, the Imperial Creed is permitted but openly ridiculed and impotent.
  • Grullz Landing
    A crashed Ork Kroozer, now the centre of an Orc city

Altna (Feudal World)

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