Boros Segunda

Mining world

Population: 5,520,000,000 (20% Xeno servants/merchants, 40% Human, 20% twist workers/resistance, 10% servitors, 10% royals)
Climate: Inhospitable
Radius: 2173 km.
Orbital Period: 102.7 Terran days, 205.4 local cycles
Rotational period: 0.52 Terran days
Satellites: 0
Gravity: 0.32 Terran standard
Main Exports: Refined adamantium
Main imports: Food stuffs, fresh water, indentured servants

A barren, blasted rock orbiting a dying pulsar which would have been left as a blip on a star map if not for its molten core of nearly pure adamantium.

The population lives in cavernous cities underground, those living close to the surface being forced to scurry into self contained shelters or delve deeper into the caves whenever their side of the planet faces the scorching rays of the nearby star as sulphuric acid bubbles and steams out of the rock itself and radiation twists exposed flesh.

Populations live beneath one of four surface station clusters, which are little more than glorified, heavily shielded landing bays that serve as both lifelines for the denizens of Boros, and a launch point for transports filled with refined adamantium. Each of these ports is owned by a competing family that generally tolerate each other, but in the past have sent gargantuan tunnelling machines crashing through the tunnel walls of their rivals in raids for supplies or slaves, or sent void shielded land ships to blockade surface access points. The small surface stations belie the gargantuan maze of tunnels, caverns, highways, and structures carved out of the rock over generations. These massive tunnels are now home to hundreds of millions and are essentially each a hive city up ended.

While the planet has no proper moons or orbital stations, it is ringed by hundreds of desiccated, lifeless ships in high orbit. The ship graveyard is largely composed of transports led by captains that had allowed greed to overcome them and overloaded their ships with ore, or had failed to remain in the planet’s shadow, unable to flee the scorching rays of the pulsar in time. These ships, now all a uniform scorched black, are often the target of opportunistic or desperate captains seeking easy pickings. While most of the ships are devoid of life, a few contain the remnants of their previous inhabitants, though they little resemble their former selves.

The population of Boros relies heavily on the import of indentured servants as few move willingly to Boros and the native inhabitants exhibit extremely low fertility rates with the exception of those that live closest to the molten core. Generally, these servants are not used for the hard labour of mining the adamantium, but instead are used as middlemen, operating the lifts and transports to bring the ore to the surface and to staff the surface facilities. The transports are normally entrusted to younger siblings of the merchant families, trusted servants, or highly paid staff. As few ship crew have reason to visit the surface, or wish to risk their ships to the pulsar, these are the only faces of the planet that most visitors will see besides the long lines of soon to be workers taking the place of adamantium slabs inside the transport cargo bays.

The native merchant families of Boros built their subterranean fortresses deep beneath the surface generations ago, far from the scorching rays of the sun. Over time, these families have become both fantastically wealthy and increasingly isolated from the rest of the imperium. Descendants of the families are immediately recognizable on sight if one knows what to look for, as they are far slighter and grow significantly taller than the average man in the low gravity of Boros. Knowledge of the outside sector is highly prized amongst their ranks, and family members pay exorbitant fees for snippets of news or well read servants.

Navigating to Boros requires more planning that most other planets, forcing ship captains to enter and remain in the planet’s shadow as they approach and again as they depart. First, a routine ( +10) navigation stellar check must be made with each degree of success or failure granting a +/-10 to the challenging ( +0) pilot check to approach the planet. If the check is failed, the ship suffers 1d5 macro cannon strikes (1d10 +3) +1 for each degree of failure. Furthermore, if the shields of the ship are reduced to zero the crew suffers 1d5 damage as they are overcome by radiation poisoning. An additional simple ( +20) pilot check must be made each 12 hours spent in orbit. Acquisition checks for armour, melee weapons and lathe items receive a +20 bonus, raw adamantium a +30 bonus, and ship superstructure or armour components a +10.


Boros Segunda

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