• Type
    • Death World
  • Gravity
    • 1.5 Terran Standard
  • Satellites
    • 1 Uninhabited Moon – trace indications of a once-breathable atmosphere
  • Climate
    • Rocky, mountainous desert, massive temperature shifts from excess of 60 degrees Celsius in the daytime to below freezing at night.
  • Population
    • Nil human population
  • System – Tolis System
  • Sector
  • Sub Sector
  • Segmentum
  • Overview

Geographical surveys and fossil records indicate that Dartaros may have once been an oceanic world, with chains of islands dotting the surface and two major continents spanning the polar regions. But now it is a dead world, and a death world, with the island chains forming huge mountain ranges that loom over the barren basins and chasms that once were the ocean floor.

  • Visual Description

The rich mineral content of the sands of Dartaros have left it painted in swirls of colour like oil on water. The lack of atmospheric water grants a dazzling clarity to the light of Tolis when the star rises over the world and it plays off the crystalline cascades of the sand dunes in a spectacular display. In the vast chasms and basins that once made up the bottoms of the oceans, leviathan fossilised remains can be found, stained by their long exposure to the wind-swept mineral sands into polished, gemlike structures.

  • Details

Though Dartaros is inimical to most life, it is not entirely barren. Beneath the mountain ranges some deep aquifers still remain, and pockets of isolated animal and plant life struggle to cling on in the insulated cave systems.

On the surface, the sand shifts quietly in the winds that sweep around the planet, interrupted only by the mountainous remnants of the former island chains, piling up in huge dunes that cascade down into the ocean basins.

Sensor readings taken from orbit indicate significant mineral reserves, both loose in the form of the sand that shrouds the planet, as well as locked in the rocky mountains, waiting to be strip-mined for Imperial needs. Further low orbital scans will reveal the presence of the leviathan gem-fossils, the remains of unknown creatures that had expired when the unexplained cataclysm boiled away the planet’s oceans and left them stranded and helpless. Stained by the minerals leeching into them over the slow death of the world, the fossilised skeletons are now magnificent gems that are unable to be found anywhere else – and may fetch a tempting price on more civilised worlds for their rarity and beauty.

A thin layer of barely-breathable atmosphere envelopes the world, though the vast temperature shifts and constantly blowing sand make it nearly impossible for humans to traverse the world without some manner of protective gear. There is a potential for mechanical mining operations, crewed by servitors – or expendable convict labour.


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