• Type
    • Space Station
  • Gravity
    • Varies, depending on location and vagaries of the machine spirits
  • Climate
    • Varies as above
  • Population
    • Unknown – Census Information Missing
  • Overview

In geosynchronous orbit around the world of Exiguo Telluris, this station resembles nothing so much as a Space Hulk wrest from the warp and parked next to the nearest celestial body.

Which is exactly what it is, an unholy conglomeration of Imperial and xeno ships that were smashed together by warp tides that was somehow dragged away from the immaterium and locked in orbit around a dead world. Haven for pirates, cold traders and Xenos alike, it’s the grottier little brother of Footfall with much less Imperial influence. The Administratum manages to maintain a small presence on the station, a single-room office with a pair of adepts who wait for the very rare occasions where someone wishes to actually concern themselves with the legality of an act or document in Imperial space. Eluria von Caldaris is the Matriarch of Desperandum, residing on her Exorcist-Class Grand Cruiser the Terminus of Night.

The Terminus is rumoured to be no longer warp or even full impulse capable, a hypothesis supported by the massive rent in the aft of the ship, a great dark void where hull plating was wrenched away by some unknown foe. However the ship’s manoeuvring engines are still intact and her weapon emplacements are in full working order, with von Caldaris maintaining a very strict “No Hostilities” zone in the immediate vicinity of her station, which she will back up with a full broadside aimed at both the offending party as well as directly at Desperandum. An uneasy peace is kept, with all parties wanting to keep the station and their interests therein safe from the mercurial whims of its short-tempered Mistress.

Desperandum is also home to a small shipyard where small-scale repairs can be performed on ships of any size, and refits of raiders or frigates can be undertaken.

It perches at the top of the great space elevator of Exiguo Telluris, where the Matriarch takes her due from those who would like to travel to or from the world below.

Sen Nadosh “Baleful One”


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