House Rules

  • Character building will be DH2 based , feel free to use the adjusted ruleset to the left or vanilla DH2, they should result in more-or-less equal builds. Assume you’ll be getting 2k extra xp to start out with.
  • You can use any book, just let me know if you’re doing something wacky
  • For fate and wounds, roll twice and take the higher (No one likes rolling a 1 for wounds)
  • For divinations, pick the roll you made, or the option below/above.
  • I give out lots of fate points, mostly for helping someone else do something cool, or doing something selfless. I’ll never give you more than four, so burn em often.
  • I’m the kind of gm who wants to help you weave a cool story of your own design, and I tend to play the rules fast and loose. But tell me stuff, I won’t screw you over or try and stop you, but the more I know about what you’re plotting the more I can plot for the payoff
  • Build two PCs! optional: make em kind of opposed or radical/puritan or whatnot. Impetus to work together and against each other/yourself.

Things to think about

  • 2 PCs
  • At least:
    • 2 worlds
    • 2 city or place (one on another player’s world)
    • 3 NPCs of varying importance. (one in another player’s city/place)
    • 2 plot items ( one in/on another player’s city/place/person)

++Optional : A minor Xeno species

Info on the NPC RT and his ship, to be adjusted/replaced when we get a chance to talk about it.