Commodore Kyra Josston

Bolshy, ballsy and brash. Just the way we like 'em.


Middle daughter of Commodore Lylan Josston . Followed her father into naval service after her elder sister married into the household of The Eminence Glydus Matriarch on Malfi and she decided she didn’t also want to be a trophy wife for some planetary noble. Stationed for most of her career on Port Wander. Did not see battle service in the Navy for some time after enlisting, some used to say her father pulled strings to get her posted only to safe, out-of-the-way positions. She takes great offense if these rumours are voiced in her hearing and is fiercely loyal to the Imperium and Battlefleets.

The Josston family has a long history of serving officers within the Battlefleets Calixis and Koronus, and is well known amongst the Calixian nobility. Kyra is known to enjoy unofficial bare-fist fighting bouts in the lower-hall drinking establishments of Port Wander, and is rumoured to have indulged in a few rounds in the ring herself. These rumours are completely unsubstantiated by anyone of substance, though she held the title Navy Officer fencing champion for her sector for an unprecedented fifteen years.

Commodore Kyra Josston

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