Matriarch Eluria von Caldaris

Matriarch of the space station Desperandum, graceful older woman with a hidden but quick temper.


Matriarch of Desperandum, former pirate captain, Lady of the Terminus of Night.

Eluria is an older woman, though her age is indeterminate thanks to the mechanics of re-juve. Dark skinned, she has very serious dark eyes and flowing waves of black hair that she wears loose to fall around her shoulders. In a slight nod to her possible age, “smile lines” have gathered at the corners of eyes and mouth, and her hands and neck show some wrinkles and signs of age. Very tall and slim, she walks with a cane and a visible limp. She claims to be the one responsible for claiming and clearing out the Hulk that became Desperandum and does not take insults lightly, as well as being prone to fits of temper. She is known to enjoy the company of younger men, preferably those with more brawn than brains.

Matriarch Eluria von Caldaris

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