Pepin "Canard" Lafontaine

Ex-Navy Privateer


Pepin was born on the pleasure world Terion into a minor nobilite house and is the second son and fourth child of his family. As the second son of the brood, Pepin was destined to join one of the armed wings of the Adeptus Terra and elected for the Navy, as he had heard it to be both the most prestigious and licentious friendly. Much to his chagrin, he found the rumours to be wrong on both counts and although he distinguished himself as a gifted tactician and inspiring leader, his determination to outdo his peers and superiors often to the detriment of others ensured that he languished as a petty officer, unable to secure his own command. During a battle over Malice he took command of his cobra gunship after the entire command crew was killed in a lance strike. After leading the ship through the thick of the fight, even crippling an enemy ship during the engagement, he assumed his promotion secured and confidently requested his first set of orders. They were to return to port for repairs and to pick up the ship’s replacement captain and crew. Enraged, he sought out the infamous pirate Francoise Lafleur, whom he knew has suffered a similar indignity to his own that had spurred his pirate career. The two got along famously, Pepin even marrying Francoise’s sister, until Pepin had learned Francoise’ successes had come as a result of a pact he had made with the Ruinous Powers. Even though he was now a pirate, he was unable to abide by such flagrant evil and, in his eyes, weakness, so he absconded with Francoise’s original navy command to return to imperial space. Today, he offers his services as a privateer to governors and merchants desperate enough to take him, operating on the edge of the law to avoid those who remember his transgressions.

Nickname: Le Canard. Given to him during his navy days as a result of his sub-par piloting skills and grating accent.

46 y.o. Appears about 21 due to vigorous and frequent rejuv treatments.

Stands 5"7, porcelain white skin, watery auburn eyes, artistically tousled brown hair, athletic build.

Doting husband of Marie Lafleur, the sister of Francoise Lafleur. Francoise, his brother-in-law, is currently the despised admiral of the Inexorable Vengeance pirate fleet.

Captain of the Sword class Frigate, The Asrai. Former names include: The Sphinx, Siren, Gorgon, Lamia. Formerly part of Inexorable Vengeance pirate fleet.

Seeks prestige and wealth. A natural privateer.

Detests daemon worshipers, cultists, and psykers

Any dish he touches must have been aged a year, cooked a week, cost a rating’s lifetime pay, and involved the suffering of at least one animal, the cook accepted.

He is a fine duelist, an excellent marksman, an awful helmsman, an expert dancer, a magnificent drinker, and a professional lover.

What’s one memory that’s stuck with them? The look on Francois’ face when he stole his ship and left with his sister.

What do they typically wear when not in a formal/combat situation? All situations are formal/combat situations.

In-game activity: Involved in the destruction and capture of Zorrook and his clan. Trades slaves to D’neld.

Pepin "Canard" Lafontaine

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