Sen Nadosh "Baleful One"

Xeno Pirate Lord

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
48 42 54 (8) 66 21 41 (6) 52 49 48

Movement: 4/8/16/24 Wounds: 39
Armour: 10 Total TB: 8
Skills: Awareness +10, Dodge, Parry, Scrutiny +10, Deceive +10, Tech use +10, Linguistics, Survival, Commerce, Command, Intimidate +10, Interrogate
Talents: Ambidextrous, Swift Attack, Two Weapon Wielder (BS/WS), Bulging Biceps, Polyglot, Heightened senses (Smell), Enemy (Eldar), Constant Vigilance, Strong minded, Hatred (Eldar), Death dealer, True Grit, Constant Vigilance, Exotic weapon training
• Multiple Arms (4)
• Natural Armour (4)
• Crawler
• Fear (1)
• Unnatural Perception (1)
• Unnatural Toughness (2)
• Quadruped
• Size (6)
• Sturdy
• Auto-Stabilized
• Natural Weapons
• Dark Sight
• Touched by the fates (2)

Gear: Carapace, Flechette Blaster (Into the Storm pg 120), Web Pistol, Assault Gauntlet, Egerian Shard Glaive, Displacer field


As far as Illimac’s are concerned, Sen is old, though he is a relative newcomer to Desperandum. He arrived with his squadron of raiders less than 5 years ago and in that time he has solidified his hold in a number of illicit activities on the station including, a smuggling operation, running a cold trade, and conducting raids on merchants beyond augur range of the station. He makes sure that his dues are paid and to step on as few toes as possible on Desperandum, but the number of guilds and armsmen in his pay is increasing and many are beginning to sense a shift in the delicate balance aboard the station.

Sen Nadosh "Baleful One"

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