Space Rogues Coast to Coast


A confluence of interesting occurrences has developed over the last period of warp transit. Ordinary ship matters rarely attract my notice, as I am far too invested in my research and designs to care about the day-to-day minutiae of the flesh, however I feel these happenings relevant enough to take note of.

My first alert that something was amiss was the increased alarm generated by my warp sensors (Note: Investigate the flesh for more signs of latent warp sensitivity amongst the lower decks. Three sensors were lost to the surges this time around, and my replacement stocks are low.) as I was attempting to further investigate the limitations of the gelatilope specimens I’d managed to secure. They really are fascinating creatures. In rut they’re incredibly explosive, and I’m seeing some promising results in increasing the arousal state to make the explosive aspect of their nature permanent, and some likelihood of being able to switch the rut state on or off on demand. However, more detail of this work is provided in //log.dat//Σ00.719.154.685, as it is not the focus of this entry.

Biological monitoring routines reported an imbalance of basic hormonal structures, beyond variances comparable to the norm. Further system testing indicated that a complete genetic gender reversal has occurred, and had secondary sexual characteristics been present I may have had an earlier indication that something was awry. I find this to be relevant only for the sake of completeness as I have long since transcended the need to apply my flesh to anything so basic as sexual characteristics.

Further observation of the pict-captors in the decks around my workshop suggested this was not an isolated occurrence, with much of the flesh exhibiting increased emotional lability, with responses ranging from incredulity and fear to arousal and unchecked lust, with rutting occurring spontaneously and rampantly at the most unexpected junctures. A male-presenting specimen and female-presenting specimen were both secured. I had considered putting them both in the same enclosure to view their interactions together, but even alone their behaviour was interesting enough to want to catalogue alone. The female-presenting specimen seemed unusually timid, constantly feeling her breasts and groin and whispering to herself, repeating the word “no” constantly. She remained curled in the corner of the cage, rocking when not taking a catalogue of her physical aspects.

The male-presenting specimen was much more interesting. The sudden surge in testosterone seems to have promoted a very sudden and violent progression into a pubescent state. My understanding of the phenomena was borne out later when their genders were reversed back to their natural state, however it seemed that the sudden transfer from female to male and the increase in stature, muscle mass and testosterone created a perfect storm of aggression and arousal that the specimen was unable to maintain conscious control over. It would seem there may have been some shift in power structure associated with these changes as well, as the male-presenting specimen levied several threats against the female, including threatening that “she” would “finally see what it [was] like”.

Recordings from monitoring stations in higher decks suggest that the reversal has been universal across the ship, however the more aggressive and basic acts have been limited to the lower ranks and levels. It would seem that the notions of breeding and propriety still apply even during times of warp phenomena, though I regret that I was not able to take specimens from more locations to help with cataloguing this.

Though I must be sure to state, the higher decks were most certainly not left unscathed by our warp-bound misfortune. Unfortunately due to my decision to sequester myself in my workshop for the duration of this voyage, I was unable to have an opportunity to closely observe any of the Xeno members of our crew and to take a record of how they were affected by the apparent gender swap. So I honestly have no idea. The Kroot and Eldar managed to escape my notice, however the Ork…

The Ork did not.

I am still at a loss to understand if Orks even have a gender beyond “Ork”. They seem to universally identify as “boyz”, and I’ve never seen nor read any literature that suggests there is any corresponding breeding gender. It has been theorised that Orks reproduce by way of spawning spores such is their fungoid nature, though despite their reported tenacity I’ve yet to successfully culture any in my workshop.

So whether Badfragg was affected by the gender swap affecting the rest of the crew, it remains to be seen, however as I was observing the crew’s responses to the gender changes, I started to become aware that amongst the crew the gender swaps were also accompanied by some degree of memory loss for certain people. Cogitator logs for the last ship day are swamped with incorrect login attempts and forgotten password retrievals, and I can pick the lost and confused from the picter feeds, wandering aimlessly around, huddling their way into corners and generally dissolving into complete uselessness.

But where the human crew appear to have descended into confusion and baffled but ultimately harmless anger, the Ork appeared to have reverted entirely to his nature. Any trappings of civilisation that his blind devotion to the Sister had hammered into that rockcrete skull were completely lost. I estimate crew losses at somewhere in the vicinity of several hundred from him alone, taking into account his physical assaults and the psychic damage directly caused by his rampage. If I include losses to fire, bulkhead collapse and the accidental rupture of an entire section of corridor to the void, the number increases threefold.

There was a spirited attempt made by those crew who still retained their wits to contain the beast by lowering the fire doors at both ends of the aft observation gallery on the port side, but they were unable to counter my hidden command overrides in time, and many of the defenders were sorely lost when his attention was drawn to their attempts by a sudden and most unfortunate cogitator outburst at their end of the gallery.

In total, the outburst lasted for a full ship day, twenty-four hours standard terran time. The losses were near-catastrophic given the single entity responsible for them, and the information gathered has been invaluable for the following:

  • Assessing the creature’s full capacity for harm and violence should he be allowed to run rampant in the ship
  • Providing further proof to the Captain that I should be allowed to take direct samples to better provide for a method of stopping the beast should he go on the rampage once more and
  • For preventing whatever method of reproduction he may possess, or Omnissiah forbid, putting down an uprising of offspring should he manage to do so behind our backs.


Peachpunk InquisitorVawn

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