Bale's Hope

Bale’s Hope

  • Type
    • Barren ice world
  • Gravity
    • Terran Standard
  • Satellites
    • 1 orbital defence and docking platform
  • Climate
    • Cold, verging on arctic in the polar regions.
  • Population
    • 180,000 (rough estimate)

*System/Subsector/Sector – Bale’s Reach

  • Overview

The final resting place of Rogue Trader Antonius Bale’s ship the Glory of Saint Sora, Bale’s Hope is a frozen, forlorn ball of rock, overlooking the great abyss beyond the stars. The remnants of the stricken cruiser form the centre of the penal colony, the worst of the sector’s criminals shipped out and left to rot on the wind-swept ice plains, huddling in the sundered decks, scavenging and fighting over pieces of salvage to build their own rough shanty-town in the shadow of the ship’s carcass. Though the penal colony is overseen by the Governor-Warden in an orbital platform above the planet, on the surface might makes right and the political structure is a constantly-shifting morass of warlords and gang bosses, constantly jockeying for positions of power.

  • Description

Bale’s Hope was named for a sensor malfunction – after being ambushed by an unrecognised Xeno species and taking serious damage to his ship, Lord-Captain Bale tried to flee the area and retreat to somewhere where he could lick his wounds and repair his ship. When the sensors showed a planet ripe in minerals and with a temperate climate that would be able to sustain his crew, and potentially provide animals to hunt for meat and plants to gather for food, he made a beeline there.

Unfortunately the damage to his ship was too great, and a mistake in calculations committed by his Voidmaster left his cruiser caught in the gravity well of the planet, dragged down and crashed into the surface, split asunder with most of the crew lost in the crash, and many others lost to the harsh climate outside the remnants of the ship.

For several generations the world was lost, until the chance discovery of the distress beacon of the stricken ship led a discovery crew there. With little left to salvage on the world, and nothing else of value on the planet besides the hull itself, an enterprising Trader saw the opportunity – the structure of the ship could be used to house the worst criminals of the area, with the installation of a Governor-Warden in an orbital bombardment/docking platform overhead to manage the administration with minimal risk or cost.

Bale's Hope

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