Caurums (Boros Segunda)


  • Home Planet
  • System
  • Sector
  • Sub Sector
  • Segmentum
  • Temperature/Climate
    • Scorching and dry (Barely habitable)
  • Population
    • 1,800,000,000 (Mix of humans, royals, twists and xenos)
  • Governor
    • Sergius Orata
  • System of Government
    • Oligarchy
  • Cultural Aspects
    • Your word is your bond, so choose them carefully
    • All are welcome and anything is permitted, for a price
  • Major Exports
    • Loans
    • Adamantium
  • Major Imports
    • Slaves, servitors
    • Manufactured goods, equipment
    • Food stuffs and fresh water

Caurums is Boros’ second largest collection of trading bays and tunnels, and is rapidly becoming its richest. It can trace its lineage back to the third daughter of Primaris’ founder’s grandson in law, twice removed. Legend has it, she abandoned the original colony to start her own on the opposite side of the planet over a loan interest rate disagreement. On its surface it is seemingly a smaller, less grandiose copy of its sister city Primus Mundi, but below the adamantium storage and slave pens, beyond the sharp smells of ozone and prmethium, lies a respectable array of bright wares and clothing, pungent spices, xeno art and their alien makers. Markets a filled with exotic goods and strange, if not entirely fresh, foods and produce. Occasionally the nobility ascend from their subterranean palaces to listen to alien music and sample other worldly foods. Though they are more open to outsiders inhabiting their realms, the nobles of Caurum are just as uncompromising as their brethren in Primarus and will gladly send platoons of their red clad storm troopers to quell any signs of dissent or disobedience.

Today, the colony has drifted from its royal roots by selling off titles and positions to the highest bidder. This has produced an incredibly diverse court, dotted with xenos, merchant families from far flung sectors, and even the odd, self made twist. Caurums is the most open to outsiders, but due to the nature of its leadership the city often lacks direction and suffers from almost constant bickering our even outright combat between its rulers.

Caurums (Boros Segunda)

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