Herd Beast

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
24 - 40 65 25 16 30 40 -

Movement: 2/4/6/12 Wounds: 14
Armour: None Total TB: 6
Base Profile: Herd Beast
Skills: Awareness (Per), Swim (St).
Talents: None.
Traits: Amorphous, Bestial, Crawler, Fear (2) Only during mating season, Natural Weapons, Quadruped, Resilient, Strange Physiology, Sturdy, Unnatural Senses (15m), Resistance: Fire
Weapons: Hooves, horns, or paws (Melee; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0; Primitive)

Though not native to Boros Segunda, the Gelatilope has become a common sight in the brine pools and caverns, and is widely used by the local population as a beast of burden and a dietary staple. Those that are unfamiliar with them are often horrified at first glance, as a herd of Gelatilopes can resemble a field of giant, dour, gelatinous faces that tend to shuffle towards the light sources that the adventurers inevitably carry. During mating season, the gelatilopes will begin producing methane gas in internal bladders causing their bodies to inflate. Once properly buoyant they will begin to roll at each other, or any unfortunate interloper, in a threat display. The giver and the receiver of a pair is decided by which individual has their methane bladders deflated first. Many a Gelatilope rancher has learned of the need for proper ventilation for their enclosures far too late into the mating season.

Many planets have resorted to using them as a food source thanks to their ability to survive in the most hostile of conditions, the fact that nearly 100% of the animal is relatively edible, that a single mating can provide dozens of offspring, and that though no one knows for sure what they actually eat, the answer appears to be “everything”. Despite the best efforts of the local populace, dishes containing the animal are often described by off worlders as “Revolting” and “Like face and ass fat, surgically removed from a fetid corpse and tossed onto a platter.” Unless the flesh is completely burned to ash, the cooked meat retains a slimy, chewy texture and sulfurous flavour.



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