Nazar Goz (Feudal World)

Nazar Goz

  • Type
    Feudal World
  • Gravity
  • Temperature:
    Frozen surface, diverse sub-surface
  • Population: ~800 million Humans
  • System
  • ? Sector
  • ? Sub Sector
  • Segmentum Obscurus
  • Visual Description:
    Nazar Goz is a very desolate world on the surface, with sweeping ice sheets interrupted by geothermal heated bogs.

Beneath the ice and rock exists a truly stunning network of caves, teeming with troglodyte life. The largest caverns are akin to continents in scope.

  • Major defining feature:
    The labyrinth of caverns and its dizzying variety of geothermal fueled troglodyte biomes make Nazar Goz a sub-terrarium wonder.

The population is controlled by a unifying theocratic empire, and is xenophobic to the extreme. Contact with offworlders is a deathly sin and is only conducted by the most elite of the priesthood in secret.

The priesthood, known as God Walkers, teach that the Universe ended long ago in a great cataclysm. The surface of the planet is a hell, the destination of the impure and unbelievers. Beyond the surface is uncreation, the realm of daemons and madness. Off worlders are preached to be daemons seeking to corrupt and destroy the last holdout of creation.
  • Assets:
    A wealth of easy to access minerals, and plentiful amounts of promethium and geothermal energy sources, make Nazar Goz very resource rich. The biodiversity is a treasure in its own right.
  • Troubles:
    The God Walkers maintain their unquestionable power by secretly trading with off worlders for advanced technology. Advanced technology, known as “God Gifts” is jealously guarded by the priesthood.

Skirmishes and even full wars between component nations of the Empire are ignored and even sanctioned by the priesthood, as long as church tithes are unaffected. Heavily armoured soldiers light up the dark with their simple black powder weapons before closing into claustrophobic melees.

The priesthoods Paladin Orders, armed with God Gifts, swiftly crush any armed resistance foolish enough to rise against them. The Inquisitors utilize their advanced gifts to root out heresies and schemes against the theocracy. The most vital mandate of both the Inquisitors and the Paladins is to guard against daemonic off worlders from contacting with anyone in the population.

Major Cities

  • Naz Da’Ka (Holy City and Capital of the God Walkers)
    The largest city on the planet, with a population of 8 million, Naz Da’Ka is the omnipotent seat of power of the priesthood. The city sits stilted atop a massive lake, bumbling with geothermal activity, an underground Venice.

Within the cities heart lies a second city, Naz Kra’Sadam, isolated by jealously guarded walls. Within the inner city God Gifts are common place, providing luxuries and wonders to the members of the priesthood.
A massive tower, containing an elevator, follows an immense hot spring chimney to the very surface of the planet.

  • Hel Skathi (Trade Post above Naz Da’Ka)
    A small settlement serving as the only sanctioned meeting point between Off Worlders and the most elite of the priesthood. Even here, contact is extremely restricted. Off Worlders are heavily restricted in their movements and usually only come face to face with two or three people during their short visits. The settlement is protected by an isolated Paladin Order (Hel Knights), a void shield, and two surface to orbit lance batteries.

Criminals, literally condemned to Hell, slave as teamsters for the trade deals (never laying eyes on an offworlder unless they themselves become part of a trade deal).

Nazar Goz (Feudal World)

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