Order of St. Kalva (Kalvites)

Order of St. Kalva (Kalvites)


A wealthy yet smaller order, Kalvites are most welcome among the affluent and powerful, and find it difficult to find traction with the downtrodden. They teach that the Emperor is full of wrath and his motives beyond the ken of man. The Emperor has chosen your lot in life, a lot that he feels deserving of you, your fortunes may change, but only from his divine will.


-Purity of Subservience:

Humans are wretched and failed creatures, and only in the Emperors light may they uplift themselves.

-The Design:

The Emperor is all powerful and has already written the story of every person. All that will happen, all that has happened, is by his will and power. This design is far beyond the powers of mortals to understand, to attempt to understand the workings of the Emperor is heresy.

-The Chosen:

The Emperor has already chosen who he will use as his servants and keep close to his holy light, and who shall be cast into darkness far from his love and protection. The life you live was set by the Emperor, and you are wholly deserving of it.

If you were born a mutant, it is because the Emperor desired you to be a base creature shunted far from his mercy. However, the mutant’s story may be complex, it may be the Emperors will for its lot to improve, and reveal that it was chosen all along (Not likely though, fugly)!

If noble born, the Emperor must love you, but be not secure in this, for he may have risen you up in order to bring you all the more painfully to the corrupted pit far beneath you.

Order of St. Kalva (Kalvites)

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