Q&A Templates

Feel free to do as much or as little of these as you like.


h2. Character Name

* Do they have a nickname?

* How old are they?

* What do they look like? (Hair, eyes, build, skin, etc)

* What do they typically wear?

* Do they have any distinguishing features?

* How would they describe themselves?

* How would they describe their history?

* Does your character have friends or family? If so, who and where? Who were they closest to?

* Where was your character born? Where have they lived since?

* Do they have a secret?

* What is their most important possession?

* What do they want to attain?

* Have they ever been in love?

* What do they hate most?

* What’re they afraid of most?

* Are they devout followers of the creed?

* Do they have a favorite weapon? Why is it their favorite?

* What has been the biggest loss they’ve experienced?

* Favorite / Least favorite foods?

* What kinds of things do they never leave home without?

* What do they do in their free time?

* What’s one memory that’s stuck with them?


h2. City Name

* Home Planet

* System

* Sector

* Sub Sector

* Segmentum

* Temperature

* Population

* Governor

* System of Government

* Cultural Aspects

* Major Exports

* Major Imports

* General Description

* History

People of note
bq). * Person one (to be described in short, left blank, or linked to another page)
bq). * Person two
bq). * Person three


h2. Planet Name

* Type
bq). * Gravity
bq). * Temperature

** Population

* System

* Sector

* Sub Sector

* Segmentum

* Visual Description

* Major defining feature

* Assets

* Troubles

Major Cities
bq). * City one (to be merely named, described in short, or linked to a page on the city)
bq). * City two
bq). * City three

Q&A Templates

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