Charrden (Boros Segunda)


  • Home Planet
  • System
  • Sector
  • Sub Sector
  • Segmentum
  • Temperature/Climate
    • Scorching and dry (Barely habitable)
  • Population
    • ~300,000,000 (Mostly twists, outcasts, and escaped slaves)
  • Governor
    • The Pit Lord
  • System of Government
    • Fiefdoms of gangs and clans, barely held together by one strongman.
  • Cultural Aspects
    • Might makes right.
    • If you flaunt wealth, be ready to die to keep it.
  • Major Exports
    • Recaptured slaves
    • Salvaged scrap
    • very low levels of crude adamantium
  • Major Imports
    • Escaped slaves and other runaways
    • Food stuffs and fresh water
  • General Description
    Once a minor mining upstart, the settlement is now a radiation scorched ruin. Charrdens solar shielding, vital to the settlements of Boros Segunda, teeters on the verge of total failure. The denizens of Charrden exist in horrific poverty and squalor. Gang markers divide the settlement into warring fiefdoms, and the laws are the whims of the strong.

To add to the settlements misery, constant slave raiding and scrap looting is committed by neighbouring settlements. The plunderers rarely face any sort of organized resistance, and it is an open secret the Pit Lord sells pillaging rights.

The Pit Lord is said to lair deep under the city, with trusted envoys making his will known to the gangs and clans. Defying the Pit Lord often leads to a messy violent end.

  • History
    Founded roughly 200 years ago by the Rogue Trader Occilito, Charrden was originally christened Gloria de Katrine after the founder’s sister. The settlement was an attempt to bypass the greedy local merchant families, and not surprisingly faced bitter resistance. Sabotage and political maneuvering took its toll and the project was abandoned, left to rot and ruin.

Desperate outcasts found the barest form of shelter in the ruins and the settlement was renamed Charrden. Lured by the hope of freedom from the adamantium mines, refugees travel through the maze of hazardous tunnels under the planet’s surface. Most that reach the city find the rumoured sanctuary extremely embellished, a life even worse than the one they had fled.

The Pit Lord has existed longer than anyone can remember. Rumours and legends are common on who the Pit Lord is and their origins. Some claim the Pit Lord is a hereditary title, others claim it’s a daemon that clawed its way from the core of the planet.

People of note

* The Pit Lord
* Person two
* Person three

Charrden (Boros Segunda)

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