• Planet Type: Pleasure world
  • Gravity: 0.9 Terra standard
  • Population: 2,100,000,000 in hives (80% Mixed xeno, 20% Human), 510,000,000 In forests and jungles (100% human)
  • System: Constance
  • Sector: The Veil
  • Sub Sector: Uther
  • Segmentum: Obscurus
  • Visual Description: A verdant, green planet nearly entirely covered by lush rain, boreal, coniferous and deciduous forests or unsullied, deep blue oceans and lakes. Civilized settlements are limited to one of a dozen hive cities, while the rest of the surface is left entirely to the fauna and savage techno barbarian tribes that live among them. The cities, while seemingly new with glimmering walls and thousands of holovid screens adorning skyways and towering buildings, each of them is actually built upon the bones of long abandoned ruins that pre-date the Horus Heresy. These ruins have longs since been buried by thousands of new structures and are completely hidden from view and are rarely used, such that many natives are unaware of their presence.
  • Major defining feature: Absence of permanent settlements outside of the hive cities, near complete lack of poverty or hunger, prolific merchant guilds, and a vibrant, diverse cultural presence. Man and xeno intermingle freely on Constance, and many positions of office are held by aliens. All settlements, permanent or otherwise, are spread throughout the northern hemisphere and gather nearly all of their food and materials from the rapidly replenishing forests around them. The southern hemisphere and all the ruins there are completely covered by massive forests with canopies that reach nearly a kilometer in height, and brambles that stretch as far as the eye can see. Seas are choked with kelp forests and gargantuan reefs that in some cases have created their own tidal zones. In these primordial landscapes stalk creatures that echo the scale of their surroundings, lumbering herbivores, hordes of howling brachiators, great winged beasts that soar above and massive aquatic predators that scour the kelp forests below. Explorers that have ventured south and lived to tell the tale claim that the closer to the southern pole they were, the denser and faster growing the vegetation seemed to be. Some stories claim that one can literally watch the forest close behind then as they cut a trail through the undergrowth. At the pole itself lies the shattered corpse of an ancient colony ship, its purpose long forgotten and inhabitants all dust and soil. The ship is in fact the source of the seemingly supernatural resilience of the forest. Within its old hydroponics bay lies a device that still draws power from the ancient, slowly dying plasma drives.
  • Assets: Fine goods, services and pleasures for the most discerning of tastes, beautiful vistas, frustratingly placid locals. Crew morale recuperates in half the normal time when on leave planetside. Excellent rejuv and augmenting facilities. In the ship ruins of the southern pole lies the [[XED 1.11178 “Ubertas” device | XED 1.11178 “Ubertas” device]] that is responsible for the rapid growth of the surrounding forests. While installed on a ship, the device produces a limitless supply of food as it causes any plant life to grow at an extraordinary rate. As a component the device consumes 3 power and 1 space and provides a permanent +5 crew morale bonus as a result of the constant supply of fresh food. The healthier crew is also better able to resist disease, providing a +10 bonus to medicae tests to diagnose or prevent the spread of shipborne sicknesses. Installing the component requires a Hard (-20) Forbidden lore (Archeotech) Test.
  • Troubles: Raids escalating in violence and frequency by the feral forest tribes and most concerning, sympathy for their supposed plight among the ranks of the high council. These techno barbarians rave of an ascending kingdom of man, and harbor an irrational, rabid hatred for all xeno kind.

Led by the living saint, Anastasia Taarak.

Major Cities
bq). * City one (to be merely named, described in short, or linked to a page on the city)
bq). * City two
bq). * City three

Unnamed System
System Features:
⦁ Gravity Tides
⦁ Warp Stasis
⦁ Bountiful
Additional Special Rule: Travel between Planets within this System takes half the usual time.
Additional Special Rule: Focus Power and Psyniscience Tests within the System are made at a -10 penalty.
Additional Special Rule: Psychic Techniques cannot be used at the Push level within the System.
Additional Special Rule: When rolling on Table 6-2: Psychic Phenomena (see page 160 of the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook) within this System, roll twice and use the lower result.
Star Type: Anomalous

Inner Cauldron
System Influence: Normal

Radiation Bursts
There are Radiation Burst of regular strength in this zone. There are no additional instances of Radiation Bursts present to add any further penalties.

Asteroid Cluster
Base Mineral Resources:
⦁ Plentiful (179) ornamentals

Asteroid Belt
Base Mineral Resources:
⦁ Plentiful (138) industrial metals
⦁ Plentiful (188) ornamentals

Primary Biosphere
System Influence: Normal
Type: Planet
Body: Large
Gravity: Normal
Atmospheric Presence: Moderate
Atmospheric Composition: Pure
Climate: Temperate
Habitability: Lush Ecosystem
Major Continents or Archipelagos: Pangea-like
Smaller Islands: None
⦁ Mountain Range (Expansive)
⦁ Swamp (Unique Compound)
⦁ Mountain Range (Unusual Location)
⦁ Forest (Expansive, Notable Species)
Landmarks in Mountain Range:
⦁ Canyon
⦁ 2x Cave Network
⦁ Crater
Landmarks in Swamp:
⦁ Cave Network
⦁ Perpetual Storm
⦁ Reef
⦁ Volcano
Landmarks in Mountain Range:
⦁ Canyon
⦁ Cave Network
⦁ Crater
⦁ Volcano
Landmarks in Forest:
⦁ Canyon
⦁ Cave Network
⦁ Mountain
⦁ Reef
⦁ Volcano
Organic Compounds: Plentiful (100) juvenat compounds
Archeotech Caches: Limited (16)
Xenos Ruins: Significant (78) ruins of unknown origin
Inhabitants: Techno Barbarians
Inhabitant Development: Advanced Industry


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