Exiguo Telluris

Deathworld/Desert Planet
Gravity – .8
Temperature – 115 equator, 70 near the poles
Population – 1 billion
-600 million in hive city/outskirts
-100 million in orbit
-200 million at poles
-100 million? in desert clans, no real determination of the number
Sector – Tannhauser Gate
A mostly desert planet with agricultural centers at the fertile poles, with the center of the world being cracked and blistered salt flats. Center region is populated by the ship-breaker clans, living on massive mobile bases designed to carry and scavenge the beached and discarded ships that are abandoned on Exiguo Telluris. The planet is orbited by scavengers and chop shops, and the worst of the used car salesmen. Scavengers tow space hulks and abandoned ships towards the planet, then release them with enough inertia left to drop them to the surface. These hulks are scavenged for useable parts by the unfortunate souls who live on the surface, then sold back to ships passing through Tannhauser Gate needing repairs. Mutation on the planet surface is rampant, in no small part due to ship reactors deteriorating when entering the atmosphere.

Largest City: HighRise
The single largest and only hive-city on the planet, HighRise sits near the equator and is in geosynchronous orbit with Desperadum. At the center of HighRise is a massive space-elevator. Large enough to put whole sections of a void-ship into orbit, it carries the treasures collected by the ship-breaker clans to the dry docks and traders orbiting the planet. While mutation is rampant on the planet, it is shunned in all but the lower levels of the hive. Most of the acutual trade happens off planet, the denizens of HighRise exist mostly to maintain the function of the space elevator.

The rest of the surface is populated by the Ship-Breaker clans. These clans form around hulks that land in good enough shape to be retrofitted into massive land-ships, travelling villages that the ship breakers operate out of. Most of these land-ships are indepenent clans, but lately two or three self-styled ‘Admirals’ have risen up claiming three or more land-ships apiece. The Ship-Breaker clans are generally split between mutie and non. Land-Ships often make use of weaponry originally designed for void combat, to oftentimes disastrous or magnificent results.

Despite the almost constant threat of mutant uprising, the last 10 years have seen the rise of the ‘Admirals’ among the ship-breaker clans. Three aspiring tyrants are taking over large swaths of the desert surface. The most dangerous has taken the name Rat Iron, with designed on the only agricultural lands near the well protected poles of the planet.

Exiguo Telluris

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