• Type
    • Hive / Quarantine / War World
  • Gravity/Radius
    • Standard(1.1G)/ 6,500km (Earth Like)
  • Year/Day
    • 420 Terran Days/ 28 hours
  • Satelites
  • Climate
    • Globally hot, toxic, and inhospitable
  • Population
    • 28 billion humans (15 years ago)
    • ~4 billion humans? (current)
  • System
  • Sector
  • Sub Sector
  • Segmentum
  • Overview

Hypitha was once a thriving Imperial world despite it’s relative isolation from the Imperium at large. The splendor of Hypitha was owed to the industrious population and the many still functioning technological wonders of their ancient ancestors.

Ruin came to Hypitha 15 years ago when a massive Genestealer cult ripped asunder the planet and its people. The planet is now kept in quarantine to keep the devastation from spreading to further worlds. The remaining untainted people of Hypitha fight a war filled with paranoia and desperation.

  • Visual Description

Millennia of unchecked industry left the surface a barren polluted wasteland. Thick clouds of smog chock the landscape in a dense fog, removing surface visibility to a few meters. Massive hive cities break out of the clouds like giant metal mountains.

  • Major defining feature

Hypithia was recently home to 28 billion loyal subjects of the Emperor. The mighty infrastructure and ancient techno wonders of the dark age, kept the population viable despite its infrequent and unreliable contact with the Imperium at large.

  • Assets

Large archeotech installations have kept the massive population alive for generations despite the desolate state of the surface. Enormous geothermal generators, said to reach the very core, generate the planets energy needs. The air and water of the hives is replenished via processes deep within the underhive, long forgotten by all but the most extremely devoted and isolated tech priests. Many other wonders have been lost to the ages, but continue to run their vital processes.

  • Troubles

15 years ago Hypithia fell to ruin. The planetary governor was discovered as a genestealer cultist, a discovery that was far too late. The cult numbered in the billions and had spread widely throughout the population. The scale of the infiltration made an organized resistance near impossible, and this once proud world has fallen into an abyss. The cult emerges as the dominate force, and works to mop up the isolated pockets of resistance.
The Imperium had but one small success, cleansing the massive space station that orbits Hypithia. The station has maintained a quarantine over Hypithia, keeping the genestealer infestation from spreading throughout the sector and beyond. The Station offers what help it can to the Imperial resistance below, space bombardments and organization, but extreme paranoia hampers operations.

At the moment, a particular orange haired trader extraordinaire has been making voyages to the station aboard an innocuous Jericho trader and sword escort selling supplies at exorbitant prices. He is also secretly trading with the surface, exchanging arms for pieces of the archeotech equipment that help sustain the planet and specimens to use as pit fighters and slaves. D’neld

  • Main Exports (Before Quarantine)
    • Large variety of manufactured trade goods (Vehicles, industrial equipment, key chains)
    • Criminal Indentured Servants
  • Main Imports (Before Quarantine)
    • Raw industrial materials
    • Luxury goods and food

Major Cities


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