Iskellian Shipyards

Population: 2.4-2.7 million (50% xeno, 50% Human)

- merchant guilds
- mechanicus
- Regulators

  • System
  • Sector
  • Sub Sector
  • Segmentum

Visual Description: From afar, the shipyard resembles a great, floating imperial hive with hundreds of towering spires, archways, and monuments. The original superstructure has nearly been entirely obscured by ever growing additions, with the exception of the massive dry dock bays on the underside of the station. These gargantuan construction bays are in fact scavenged archeotech structures, incorporating numerous grav suspensor and stasis systems, allowing for both incredibly delicate or heavy work to be done with relative ease in addition to both mechanically and void shield sealed bays creating enclosures for more intensive work. Around the docks, all sorts of habs, manufactorums, citidels and numerous other buildings continue to sprout up, often being built to overshadow or even cover up their neighbours resulting in dueling construction projects taking place. Ringing the station are hundreds of weapon emplacements, macrocannon batteries, lances, torpedo launchers, void shields and attack craft launch bays. Tethered to the station by massive cables, chains and grav suspensors are dozens of satellite stations that house more weapon emplacements and other expansions, or are simply marooned ships that have been incorporated into the station.

Major defining feature: Archeotech dry dock bays

  • Assets
    Atmosphere sealed archeotech drydock bays, capable of enveloping an entire cruiser.
  • Troubles
    - Civilian and guild uprisings, backed by seemingly endless funds. Mechanicus staying aloof, but will take the side of whoever seems most able to protect the bays.

- Motive systems of the shipyards have failed. In the past the station took weeks to change course at the best of times. These days however, due to a payment dispute between the mechanicum guilds and the Regulators, the machine spirits controlling the plasma drives have grown restless and erratic and no longer heed the commands from the bridge, now firing at seemingly random intervals. Though the subsector is vast, it is not entirely devoid of planetary bodies for the station to strike. More worryingly for the merchant guilds, however, is that the station has become more difficult to find for potential customers. In an attempt to prevent being lost to the void, the station has left a twisting trail of buoys, dropping another each time the plasma drives fire and take them further from their position listed on the star maps. A routine ( +10) Awareness check is required to lock onto the trail, each degree of success providing a +10 bonus to the Routine ( +10) Navigation stellar check. The shipyard makes an effort to police the space around it as well as the trail it has left, but as the length of the buoy chain increases, the station fleet’s ability to effectively patrol it diminishes. Raiders have taken to taking ships that stray too far from the path.

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Iskellian Shipyards

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