Space Station Charon 2 (Hypithia)

Charon 2 (Space Station)

  • System
  • Sector
  • Sub Sector
  • Segmentum
  • Climate
    • 8 C and dry, energy is generally reserved for more pressing issues (just put a sweater on)
  • Population
    • 350,000
  • Governor
    • (Primary) Lord Marshal Eleanor Lilith
    • (Secondary) Rear Commodore Federico Gravina
  • System of Government
    • Military Dictatorship
  • Cultural Aspects
    • Paranoia is considered healthy and everyone is under constant scrutiny.
    • Living conditions are spartan as resources are funneled towards more important considerations.
    • Gene scanning is common part of weekly life, at check points or random screenings. New arrivals face a mandatory in depth screening.
    • Everyone has a military rank, be it Navy or Army. Outsiders are given a simulated rank followed by their organization and then attaché (e.g. Private L. Jenkins, World of Warcraft attaché).
  • Major Exports
    • Orbital dropped supplies to trusted resistance forces on Hypithia
  • Major Imports
    • Nothing from Hypithia
    • Food Stuffs and fresh water
    • Arms and munitions
  • General Description

Charon 2 maintains a constant vigil over Hypithia, fighting the Genestealer cult through proxy resistance movements and direct bombardments. The top priority of Charon 2 and its entire population is to maintain the quarantine over Hypithia, comfort and privacy are casualties to this cause.

The station is housing more than double its pre-crisis population, and cramp communal living is a way of life for the majority. Even owning a private bed is a rare luxury. Population is carefully regulated and order is maintained by harsh punishment (exile to the planet is a common punishment).

Supplies are low on Charon 2, and rationing is constant. Shipping avoids the station due to the quarantine and Charon 2s lack of profitable trade. Charon 2s small fleet has taken to “commandeering” supplies from near by shipping lanes. Merchants who give little resistance find their goods and munitions seized, but released unharmed.

  • History

Prior to the fall of Hypithia 15 years ago, Charon 2 was primarily a dry dock and command hub for Hypithias orbital installations.

During the cults initial assault, Lord Marshal Lilith quickly realized the full scale of the infiltration and the dangers it posed to the Imperium at large. Lilith focused her efforts at securing Hypithias orbit, making the planets plight secondary. The orbit first strategy saw the Imperium retain Charon 2 and purifying the remaining half of orbital installations. Planet bound weapons capable of targeting orbit were also targeted for neutralization by loyal ground forces and orbital bombardment.

People of note

* Lord Marshal Eleanor Lilith
* Rear Commodore Federico Gravina
* Person three

Space Station Charon 2 (Hypithia)

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